Personal Narrative : A Trip To The Mountain

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My heart was thumping heavily, as the bus took a turn towards the mountains. I didn’t know why I had agreed, but it was too late to turn back. “It’s going to be okay Jenna we’re not going to go that high up,” said my boyfriend James as he reassuringly squeezed my hand. I tried to smile back but just the thought of going even a few inches off the ground terrified me. A few weeks ago our history teacher Mr Brown, an old and boring professor had informed us about a field trip that was supposed to help enhance our understanding of the olden times. I was pretty excited for the most part as history was my favourite subject but a week later when I was told it was to camp out in the mountains, I decided against it. But soon enough my friends were begging me to go and I mean the thought of it a few weeks ago seemed adventurous, cool and fun. Now, I watched in horror as the bus approached the starting point of descending up the mountain. I shut my eyes tightly as I squeezed James hand. I could hear the laughter of my friends, Marissa, David, Sheila, Finn and Mike watching the stupidity of my fear. After a while, I finally opened my eyes and looked out the window despite the level we were at and my heart thumping at the thought of it I looked at the breathtaking view of the city below. The view looked like something out of a story book, the city below us was lusciously green and the vibrance of the bodies of water seemed to dazzle from afar, I could see the long chain of cars

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