Personal Narrative : A Trip To The Star Frame Fair

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The night air was cool and damp as I walked home from the party. I pressed my foot on the hard wooden floor in my home. The warmth from the blazing fire came over me and I smiled with delight. My mother came in to the living room from the kitchen holding a tray of snacks. She placed them down in front of me and said "Dig in." So I did. My father came running in with a red nose and frozen fingers from the outdoors. "I have fantastic news Faith," He said as he hopped onto the couch. "Your going to the Star Frame Fair!!" A smile overwhelmed me and I jumped up and gave him a huge hug. “I can’t believe I can go to the Star Frame Fair! Thank you, thank you, thank you,” I jumped up and down and then ran upstairs to invite friends. I thought of my closest friends and then thought who would be fun to ride the rides with and stuff like that. I decided on having Lily, Gianna, Embry, and Nora come to the fair with me. I called Lily first and she said she wouldn’t miss it, Gianna said she would love to go, Embry said she can work it out and it would be really fun and Nora said she can’t wait! I can’t believe they can all come and I’m glad they can because otherwise I would’ve had to invite Layla and lets just say she isn’t my favorite. My dad said I can take his baby blue, brand new mustang to the fair. The day just keeps getting better and better by the minute. The week went by slow but finally it’’s Saturday!! I got up, took a shower, did my hair, picked out my outfit for the

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