Personal Narrative: A Turn-Based System

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When I was growing up one of the first games I played was the Dragon Warrior I & II collection on the Gameboy Color. I spent hours wandering the world, murdering slimes, fetching ancient armor and weapons, and generally saving the world as a destined hero. I loved those two games. Then I got my hands on Dragon Warrior III and discovered the one thing I'd been missing: party customization. Being able to decide what classes and abilities to bring with me on my journey was incredible. Ever since those days I've had a love for RPGs and especially those with parties you can change up to suit your particular style. Unfortunately for me and others like me, old style turn based RPGs seem to have been coming out less and less frequently over the years.…show more content…
Boasting a turn based system with interesting mechanics brought by their Brave/Default system, Square Enix is bringing old style RPGs into modern times. This system allows you store extra turns while defending to take multiple actions in a row. Or if you're the impatient type like me, you can take several turns in a row while leaving yourself unable to act for an equal amount afterwards. This system leads to some interesting boss encounters requiring strategic use of extra turns to counter strong attacks or status effects. It also makes the random battles far less tedious as it allows you to take extra turns to end fights quickly.

Bravely Second, like the first game, features a job system with about 30 different jobs. These jobs range from familiar RPG staples like the Black Mages and White Mages to more unique options like the Catmancer and Patissier. Each job in the game comes with a passive ability, unique job commands, and support abilities you can learn by leveling the job up. The support abilities come in a wide variety of things from simple stat increases to game changing effects like free additional attacks. Combining these support skills with your favorite jobs can lead to interesting and powerful party set
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