Personal Narrative: A Visit to Universal Studios and Disney in Orlando

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I thought of satellites and how they can beam out messages and ideas into thousands of homes miles away. I walked through forbidden areas at night; deserted walkways, boarded shops, saw people in doorways, wrapped in blankets, everywhere was quiet. I sat in bars, trying to strike up conversations, but even the lonely mimicked the same story – I wanted to discuss, to find out if anyone felt as I did – about this madness, I wanted to find those who reject it all. I knew they were there - somewhere. That night I found nothing. The next day we drove along, boulevards lined with motels, peep shows and strip bars. We visited Universal Studious and Walt Disney. I wondered if these places were the centre, the final mental solution of the American Dream. If this is where it took its inspiration and ideology from and then siphoned it and injected it with mirror images of people who look human. Then sold it back intensely through schools, households and the media while destroying cultures, environments, onward pushing with this madness. Behind the smiles, the dreams, the fairy tales, lay corruption, violence and nightmares. These Walt Disney characters in their tomorrowland are the epitomy of it all, behind the ‘innocence’ and ‘purity’ – lay lies, lay children chained to tables, working for cents . Behind it all lay 400 years of butchering, and today, so some can achieve material dreams, millions of casualties. Even here, along these…
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