Personal Narrative: A Whole New Culture

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In 2008, I was given an opportunity to learn about a whole new culture. My family had recently moved from India,and we were new to the American concepts. The Mardi Gras Parade was approaching. My uncle decided that it would be a great idea for our whole family to go see the parade to get settled in America. My family and I were greatly thrilled and accepted the offer without hesitation.
The parade starting time was around 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. We had arrived early to tour the Downtown of Minden, Louisiana. Seeing all the historical buildings made me realize that this was a very remarkable place for the parade. As we walked around the streets, we saw many kinds of foods: hot dogs, Cajun fries, and funnel cakes. This was my first perception of these new types of food, so I eagerly asked my uncle to buy some. My uncle
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As I looked up at the sky, beads flew towards me. With my small hands at that time, I managed to grab one. My uncle patted me on the back and said, “Good job Jay!” As the parade went on, I managed to catch even more beads that ranged from many different sizes and colors.
The end of the parade neared, and I was greatly saddened. The time had passed so quickly since I was greatly enjoying myself. My uncle noticed my disappointed look at said “Don’t worry Jay, there are numerous parades throughout Louisiana. Mardi Gras goes on for two weeks!” This surely made me smile and realize how enjoyable the parade had been.
During the night after the parade, I had several dreams about various things such as: color beads to glimmering lights to marching floats. It was as if I was reliving my Mardi Gras’s experience yet again. After waking up from a very entertaining session of dreams, I heard from my sister that I was speaking in my sleep. Although, I found this part unbelievable and greatly
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