Personal Narrative About 9/11

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September 11, 2001, was a terrible day in my whole life. In ways, I can never imagine. My alarm clock buzzed and woke me up at around 6:00 am in the morning. I stared at my calendar and it was September 11, 2006, my 18th birthday. Everything began 5 prior on my 13th birthday. I was with my mother who was a doctor, my dad who was a lawyer, my uncle who worked at the World Trade Centre and my younger sister who was very caring at the time. We were going to visit the Twin Towers were my uncle’s office was. As we went in, I was amazed at how huge it was and builders have built the two towers the same. As my uncle was finishing his work, I was simply investigating the entire area. Every floor was an alternate segment. I had an inclination that…show more content…
The building was determined to flame. The bombs originated from two airlines up ahead. “ That’s the Al-Qaeda”, my uncle whispered to me. “ They are a group of terrorists that attack most of South Asia and want to world the world to get the attention”. Then people started yelling after they started shooting. Then at that very moment, one of the men came up to my dad and shot him. I was surprised to see blood draining all over the floor. I ran to my father and checked his pulse. Nothing. I started sobbing and tried to take my father outside. Instead, the moment I never thought would happen, BOOM! That direct bullet shot into my knee. I fell drastically on the floor beside my dad. Blood originated from all over. At that point when everybody cleared, the Al-Qaeda needed to ensure everybody was dead so they did a check as I imagined that I was dead until every one of the men were no more. I let out a major murmur and a shout for help. I needed to stay there close to my father for around 10 minutes then more men came. I thought it was the Al-Qaeda yet it was the police and I heard the rescue vehicle coming along these lines. The ambulance came in a huge rush. They took everyone in the building. As I was lying down in complete pain, I saw my mom and aunt with faces of complete horror. It took me 3 month’s to recover from the horrible
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