Personal Narrative-Acceptance And Realization Heal

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Acceptance & Realization Heals

Growing up I never thought that I would feel like I caused something that made me feel so comfortable and loved to end. I never thought that I would feel like reason for someone to leave their whole family. I felt so misplaced and off balance, a burden, empty and alone. Well, unfortunately that’s how I felt, believing I was the culprit for my parent divorce. I remember feeling like it was my fault, feeling like I pulled the plug to the life support that sustained the relationship.
As a child my life was picture perfect, or at least that how it seemed. I remember the days waking up to a breakfast that perfumed the house with scents of baking biscuits, omelets and hot buttered grits.Everyone at the table eating,
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They would argue away from my brothers and I not noticing their volume their voices and argument would travel to us. Upon hearing them argue I would cringe mentally. I would cringe because I knew what was going to happen next.
A divorce.
Separating proved no help, but only aiding in more doubting and hurt. Hurting not only my parents but my brothers and I as well.They finally divorced, and when they did my life changed. No more picture perfect life,and it had already dissipated soon before the divorce. I just conflicted with myself to believe that what I had was gone. I felt my like life was a lie. Like some sort of fictional story. I felt,off.
A few years after the divorce I had to come to realization that it wasn’t my fault that they divorced. It wasn’t a lie I lived, I just had to accept the reality of life and relationships. I had to ensure myself that I just had to overcome it and not see myself in the manner that I did.I had to learn that. And learning that wasn’t an easy task. I had to change my perception to see that life gives lessons and you just have to be able to be perseverant and grow. Today I realize that it wasn’t because of me, and I have come to terms to accept life and it’s
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