Personal Narrative: Acting, Band, And STEM

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Acting, Band, and STEM are 3 of my favorite subjects. I have done many plays that I have performed in front of hundreds of people. I have played clarinet for 2 years and bass clarinet for 2 years now. I have loved the STEM field ever since I went to the 2012 Science and Engineering festival in Washington, DC. Since the expo, I have made games with Scratch and I am learning computer languages such as Java and Python.

Acting in plays has been one of my favorite subjects because I have loved the challenge of memorizing the line and parts, and I have loved the feeling of going out and performing in front of people. All of the plays that I have performed in have been in Bengali so the language barrier has added another challenge to me memorizing my lines all while I have to
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I got attracted to playing an instrument because, like acting, seemed like it was challenging. It turned out to be very challenging at first because I had to learn how to hold my instrument, how to read music, and how to play the fundamental notes on my instrument. As I progressed from my first year of playing to my second I became knowledgeable on how to play the instrument fluently and started to play more advanced music. During my third year, I decided to take a risk and switch to the bass clarinet. Bass clarinet is similar to the clarinet, but it requires lots more air and it has extra notes that I had to memorize. I eventually got the hang of it and now after 2 years of playing both clarinet and bass clarinet, I can say that I am very knowledgeable in both instruments.

STEM is a subject that has always fascinated me and that’s why I love it. Everything about it never ceases to amaze me. When I went to the Science and Engineering festival I saw so many exhibits that had cool things like a robot that could navigate itself through a maze because of its AI and all of its
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