Personal Narrative: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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"Actions speak louder than words," exists as one of the truest phrases of all time. Many consider reactions to specific situations, but true character manifests when acts without any thought of recognition for their response. For example, after Christmas, my family and I visited a restaurant to enjoy a meal together. Our waitress possessed an unquestionable type of kindness and hospitality that one only wishes to receive every time they venture out for a meal. Sadly, a table within earshot range griped about this particular waitress multiple times due to forgotten take out containers and napkins. They knew not that the genuine waitress sustained an inadequate amount of sleep the night before as a result of a six month old daughter at home. Additionally, the customers did not account for the numerous other tables making an innumerable amount of requests of her, and that…show more content…
My mother looked slightly stunned, but I did not think much of it other than that our sweet waitress probably made less than minimum wage and deserved more than what I could give her. I took the bill over to her, and at first she looked around, unsure if I spoke directly to her or someone else. She could not believe that a table consisting only of four people gave her a twenty dollar tip. Her blinding smile showed complete and genuine gratitude. Although she worked all evening long, she possibly drove home to her growing family with only the twenty dollar bill she received from me because of miniscule mistakes. As I reflected on various experiences that exhibited character for the National Honor Society application, I realized how simple, instinctive reactions display pure character. Especially in the case of the sincerely hospitable waitress, the simplest doing warmed her heart, as well as my own, without as much as a thought to do
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