Personal Narrative: Against The Cannon

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Against the Cannon
When I first went on the Mayor’s website and glanced at some of the internship opportunities I was extremely excited. I had just become a member of TISL and knew that the legislative research would be a perfect fit for me, but reality soon set in. I would not be applying for the internship and even if I wanted to I would not be in Nashville this summer to participate. At that point it was like a flip switched and I began to loos interest in the project. With that being said I knew my biggest obstacle would not just be the vagueness, but motivating myself in completing the work not just on time but giving it my full effort.
The closer the due date for the application packet aprotected the more I did not want to complete the task at hand. I found myself making a number of excuses that lead to me putting off the completion of the project. A number of factors played an active roll in my procrastination, other classes seemed more important, Netflix had just added the season four of House of Cards, I had to began packing up my room in perpetration for
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I was not one that I was excited for but I did teach me and reinforce some valuable lessons. For starters I learned that sometimes in life you have to do things in life that you do not necessarily like or want to do. It also gave me a slight taste of the amount of independent work and research I would have to do if I choose to prosue a career in a legislative field. In addition to having to do things I don’t like and giving me a glimps into the future, this project stressed the importance that college is not always about having fun. My overall goal is to graduate and that means that sometimes I may have to miss out on certain events. Most importantly this project let me know that the only thing standing in the way of my success is myself. I can achieve anything that I put my mind to all I have to do is fight the urge to procrastinate and work
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