Personal Narrative-Alert's Wake Up

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Alert Alert Alert!”Wake Up!!!”, my mom said. We’re going to be late. We’re going to myrtle beach today and we are going to be there for a long, exciting week. I’m having a baseball game it’s going to be tough because we are v.s people from all over the world. Ding Dong! Mom who is that i’m scared. ‘’Zac it’s your uncle Steve’’ my mom said.
I scream out to my uncle, “Oh, in that case, Eddie’s here (that’s what he calls me--it’s a long story).”
“Well let’s go” I said. So we are in the shiny, speedy car and my mom had brought a mini tv in her car. We are going to watch 4 movies, but I don’t know what we are going to watch. So we been in the car now for about 4 hours that means we only have 6 hours left! My whole family is going.
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