Personal Narrative : All Or Nothing

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All or Nothing Pulling into the parking lot was a lot more nerve racking than I thought. I could feel my body shaking from head to toe; trying to remind myself to take deep breaths. This was the first time I wasn’t playing in the game, and I had anxiety just like every spectator had for my team. Everyone, including me, was rooting for us to win, and I didn’t want to disappoint. It had to be 90 degrees that day, because I could feel the sweat dripping down my face as if I had just run a marathon. My nerves didn’t help either, because it just made me sweat even more. When I grabbed the handle to open the door, my hand almost slid off because they were so sweaty. My friend’s dad grabbed it, and opened it for me. After I walked in I was …show more content…
At that moment I realized the difficulty I would have during these games just being moral support and not playing.
Sitting on the bench not being able to play was painful. I had just come out from surgery a week prior and wasn’t even back in school yet. I had my appendix taken out, because it almost ruptured. They had to move all the muscles and organs around in my stomach so it was sore and I had stitches which meant I couldn’t play. That was probably for the best, because my stomach felt like someone had just punched me. It hurt to stand for a while, but I wanted to show my support. Trying to watch the game while my coach was standing right in front of me was like standing at the base of the Willis Tower trying to look at the people on the other side of the building. However, it wasn’t much of a bother, because watching the game made me feel useless. I felt I couldn’t contribute to the team. All I could do was cheer, and that never seemed enough, so it made me upset. We were in the second game and I could see my coach’s eyes about to pop out of his head. We had lost the first game, and were struggling to hold onto the second one. If we lost this game then we lost the championship. Throughout each play, all you could hear was the sound of shoes squeaking on the floor, the crowd cheering, and the smack of the ball contacting the player’s skin. I tried making conversation with my coach, but he was so entranced by

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