Personal Narrative: All-Or Nothing Thinking

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In chapter three it explains why your thought make you feel depress. “Every bad feeling you have is the result of your distorted negative thinking” (Burns, 1980, p. 28). It is feeling of beeng trap in negativity and emptyness. As I have mentioned in the past, I work at the Dollar General as a cashier. Lately, they ask me if I wanted to become a lead, I was surprise that they choose me, because I fell that I am not good for that position. The reason I mentioned this situation again is because as I was reading this chapter, I notice that all the “definition of cognitive distortion” applied to this circumstances:
1. All-or-Nothing Thinking:
I. My performance in my job was good for the manager to notice but in my mind was not doing a good job; therefore, I did not
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Emotional Reasoning:
I. I felt that I have fail to work properly, therefore, I am a must be dud.
8. Should Statement :
I. I was feeling frustrated because I thought “should I do this or not” I could not decide because of all the negativity thinking.
9. Labeling and mislabeling:
I. I always think about myself as a loser. I drop out of school and always have had a minimum pay job that I could not keep for a long time. So, when this opportunity came to me, I felt like, why me if I am just another worthless person.
10. Personalization:
I. When I finally decided to take the job, I was expecting that they will train me right away, but they did not, in fact the manager took days to tell the others leads to begin the training. My thoughts were that he notices that I am not good for that position; therefore, he decided not to give me the job.
Correspondingly, this is how I related the “definition of cognitive distortion” to my circumstances. These definitions show me the depth of my negative thinking. To me this job was a conflict rather that a joy. In conclusion, the lack of positive thinking and the emotion of worthless is just who I am and nothing is going to change the fact that I feel this
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