Personal Narrative: Always Go To A Funeral

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I believe in always going to a funeral for someone that you met, or that is close to the family, my grandfather taught me this. I was 15 years old when he told me this, a friend of his that he worked with had passed away, and he had asked if I wanted to go. I didn't want to go at first, but he explained to me that I should always go to a funeral for the sake of the family involved.
My dad went outside and started the truck as I hurried and got ready. It was worse than I had ever imagined it to be, this man had no kids, therefor he had no grandkids, and I was the only kid there. Some of the family knew me from meeting me when I was younger, however I did not remember them. I apologized to the wife, and some of the other family that spoke to me.
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When you a sensitive such as myself, it can be very hard. Seeing other people cry, makes me cry and want to take the pain away from them. "Always go to the funeral or visitation" means that I have to do what seems to be the right thing even when I really don't want to, or don't feel like it. When funerals comes up and I tell myself I don't feel like going, I have to remind myself, what if this was my family? Would I want family friends to come and pay their respect? Of course I would, you have to give to receive. Since I have started going to funerals, I have started to believe that while I wait to make an expression, I should just stick to apologizing to the family for the loss, and continuing on with the
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