Personal Narrative: Always Keep It Closed

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At first I was actually thinking what to draw for about a day but when I had my idea I knew what to do I was going to draw a report card with all the subjects and put A’s next to them and then I was going to draw a bubble with a high school, a college, a job. Then finally I will include a lock saying, “Always keep it closed” which means always keep that goal . I feel like I should've done more but i’m feeling pretty good about my symbol. The requirements were to draw a symbol of what your short-term or long-term goal is. And this symbol had to be colored and neatly drawn no ( stick figures) and it had to be perfect no sloppy drawing or pens! This assignment is unique because it was not boring this was a fun assignment I wasn’t getting mad…show more content…
This image represents that I can do this if I just stay focused do my work and not get into trouble then I will master this but if I just don’t do my work and slack off then I won’t master it. I chose it because I thought it was the best way to do it I was just going to put the report card and a bubble with the High school, College, Job but I figured that I needed to keep this goal and what a better way to keep something a lock. The challenging part of this assignment was to think of a symbolic statement i spent about 1 day thinking about a symbol I even told my cousin and family about what I can do but the next day I knew what I can do. I was just thinking about what straight A’s can get me and i thought “ oh wait High school, College, Job” and then after that it was pretty much easy I just about what can I put to keep this goal and I thought a lock. This is important because we need to know what our goal is like mine is to get straight A’s some people don’t even know what their goal is and it is important to know it. If you don’t know your goal then what are you going to do in life you need to have something for example you can be a firefighter or a police that is fine at least you are doing
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