Personal Narrative: Am I CHEF

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Before my grandmother was a Mimis, She was a Deabenderfer. Her grandparents were Buggeys. In the Buggeys household on friday nights boxing was the highlight. Many times the middle room was the way to the bathroom. So the kids were forced to walk around the house, rain or shine to get to the bathroom. In 2010, one of my grandmothers cousins asked to have me signed up for boxing. The idea of myself dishing out my childhood pains and bad memories was like finding a diamond in the rough. My Grandparents (grandmother) said no. So that was the end of that. My brother had a sixth graduation and dinner, my sisters came to my house after the graduation and turned on the UFC. It was nothing like I saw before. It was fighting. I had no clue who the fighters…show more content…
You will need to get sponsored and compete more fights. You will need to be networked and through sponsors that will make this much easier. You need to be unique. No one wants see another Georges St. Pierre, Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, Ronda Rousey, or Diego Sanchez. They are all unique in their own way. GSP comes out to French rap, Conor walks out to Foggy Dew( Irish song) and Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G.. You need to maintain a healthy and good career.
How many fights to stay in the UFC? Any career in MMA can go from top star to Pre-card fighter. Anything can happen but you will need to win two fights a year to stay in the UFC. MMA is a brutal sport. Things can happen. You are fighting the best in the world and won’t think second to knock you out for a 100,000. You will need to be in a good environment. You need to have a good fight team and coaches to help you win. Once you win a couple of fights you should stay in the UFC
What I learned is that nothing is taken granted for in this sport. Once you have an opening you have to take it. The risk is better than the fall. You will be good if you try your hardest. You will be in good hands if you have the right coaches. MMA is a tough sport but that doesn’t always mean you will have a good career if you are tough. You have to maintain a healthy career. You will always have to strive more. The top MMA promotions are big and they want good people and fighters to be in their
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