Personal Narrative: Amairani

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Everything gets better throughout time, even when you least expect it. Growing up, I always thought that my sister and me would always be arguing and bickering, no matter what. As the years have flown by and we’ve grown to become older, we haven’t been arguing like we used to. Indeed, I’ve believed that quote to be true… I noticed how patient, intelligent, and what a great listener Amairani is. “HEY!!! Leave that there, it’s not yours!!” I’ve hollered repeatedly since the day I started talking. No one understood why I always told my sister that, no matter what the object was, mine or hers, “It was always mine!” These are the things sister has put up with since the day I was born, from the crying to the walking, and now the talking. I never thought that we’d go days without one argument… but here we are, going weeks without an argument! Through those long nights spent doing homework, she was always there helping me with it. Who knew she would have this much patience with me? My sister, to me, is very intelligent in so many different ways. She graduated from Odessa High School in the year of 2012, and attended Odessa College the following fall. Throughout her whole life she always wanted to go into the medical field, but never set her mind to one specific career. Now, her fourth year in college, she’s semi set…show more content…
“Guess what!?” is something she always hears when sister picks me up from school. Once she hears that, she knows she’s not going to hear the end of it. I always get into the car and tell her how my day went, what happened, whom I saw, and what we talked about. Sister will sit there for hours listening to my nonsense, pointless conversations about my friends, and about school. Even though she might not be paying attention most of the time, its nice to know I have someone there that I can talk to about anything, at any time of the
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