Personal Narrative: America, The Beautiful

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America, The Beautiful It was the summer of 2014. We had ten days to have the American vacation of a lifetime. This short period of time in my life would define America to my family and I. The rocky structures, colors resembling rust in Utah, the blistering heat of Arizona. The insect ridden Nebraska. The industrial Ilinois. The Great Lakes overlooked by Wisconsin. The rocky mountains covered from base to peak in trees, almost submerged in a vivid green. Now it was time, to take it all on and explore. Despite all the wonders we witnessed, we still had some negative times. From the tedious experience of riding in a vehicle for more than a day to almost being fined for speeding in a state we were very much foreign to. “This road is eerie” said my father as we drove down the dark Nebraska road. The stop was terrifying of course, thoughts ran rampant in my head that our vacation had been ruined. As the officer approached our window he said, “License and registration please.” My father complied and it was a typical encounter after that and was rather uneventful, thankfully. As we drove off, I was appreciative of the officer’s leniency. But now new things were…show more content…
I considered why such beauty had eluded me for so long. In terms of natural beauty, this was most definitely the epitome of it. A vibrant green immersed the mountain side. “Look at the forest atop the mountain,” I said. White water from streams up above poured from the edge of a steep cliff like boiling water pouring from a kettle. It seemed as if the summer had just exhaled upon this landscape because everything was so healthy and flawless. I specifically remember my father, marveled, saying “The history that this place holds can be seen in the nature of the landscape.” I responded in a similar state of awe, “Utterly
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