Personal Narrative: American Protege Violin Competition

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Between reading my IQ test results when I was 8, to winning the American Protege violin competition when I was 12, and finally becoming the Y14 foil fencing national champion recently when I was 13, I was always told from a very young age that I was an exceptionally gifted child. However, being naive as I was then, I let this double-edged sword develop into a type of self-destructive arrogance, that which annoyed the peers around me, and left me to become very lonely. The positive vibe of summer had subsided. Though all my classmates looked forward to the first day of fourth grade ever since the beginning of summer, I felt a form of nausea unleash itself in my body whenever the thought of school unwrapped itself in my mind. School was, in my mind, a place of suppression, where there was the negative connotation of keeping one's head down in order to succeed. It was detrimental for oneself to stick out, but I always did. Hence I hated school, and school hated me as well. However, hate by itself simply does not have the power to separate two parties destined to be together, so the first day of school came nevertheless. The first day of fourth grade for me, was quite an experience to remember. We completed all of the…show more content…
As I was observing the game from the classroom corner, I noticed the true premise of such a game. After I left, my teammates worked together to solve the problems. Even though they lost some points, they were much happier than when they were watching me complete the questions by myself, because they were actively engaged in the competition as well. All I cared about was winning, and I forgot that the point of the game was to have fun, which was an element of the game that I was guilty of taking away from
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