Personal Narrative-An Apology Analysis

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Has there ever been an incident where you were hesitant about giving an apology? I'm sure everyone has at one point, but regrettable, my situation haunted me for forever. Growing up, I've never seen the importance of an apology; apologies to me come off as somewhat ritualistic and forced. However it is the same two words I once thought could never again be used as terms of repentance that could've saved a meaningful friendship. I was 16 years old, and my sister, brother, mother, and I moved away from my father. We drove about 14 hours to Clarksville, Tennessee. Our plan was primarily to start fresh, just the four of us, but this time happier. My mother started a job in Nashville, a forty-five minute to an hour commute from where we…show more content…
I complained to mother every day about her being so impulsive and leaving without consulting any of us about it first; and how now my life will be forever ruined because there was no possible way I could make all new friends in such a short time. I texted my dad asking to take us back and how mom is never home, always working, and there's never even anything to eat. He always told me that he was working on it. My mother was way ahead of me as she had always been in trying to make the move more conducive for us. I got enrolled into a Youth Center where numerous children from the surrounding schools went to mingle: somewhat of a teen club. In those prime years, bullying runs rapid. I still remember on my first day being dropped off, hearing the car door slam shut, and how my feet grew heavy carrying them to the door. As I walked in I was greeted by my counselor Jennifer who looked the same age as me. She saw the reluctance on my face and offered a tour. I declined, and of course chose the corner with a table and socket to charge my…show more content…
I am beyond relieved all whilst confused as I wasnt supposed to be picked up for a few more hours. She didn't seem happy nor sad to see me. She had a very glazed look, as if she was deep in thought. As we proceeded to the car I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I know when something is wrong with my mom. She looked at me when we got in the car and said "William got custody over you guys." I remember those words exactly. I was going to go back to live with my father; like I wanted right? I instantly felt the blame overcome me realizing that it was partially my fault. I then realized that I never quite saw the big picture, how my mom took us away and tried hard to recreate the life I resumed in
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