Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Teacher

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Today I had the pleasure to meet and interview Ms. Merlino. She is a teacher at Rosemont Elementary, she has been teaching kinder garden for 32 years. She started teaching in DISD and then moved to Coppell ISD. However, after a few years being there she decided that her heart was in Dallas, so she moved back and started working for the DISD once again. She mentioned that seeing the children grow brings joy to her, as well as the love each student develops for learning throughout the year. On the other hand, some of the challenges include not being able to meet the huge expectations from the district, and the difficulty to balance the needs of each student due to the lack of help and attention at home. Being a teacher has inspired not only many of Ms. Merlino’s students but also her own daughter who’s going to The University of Oklahoma to become an elementary teacher. Ms. Merlino mentioned that one of the things she enjoys the most is seeing her students grow. Since she has been teaching for a long time she told me one of her great experiences as a teacher. She said one of her first students came back looking for her after 10 years to thank her, because of her she got inspired to become a teacher herself. I believe that many teachers share…show more content…
Merlino agreed that one of the biggest challenges is meeting the district expectations. This is because they set up deadlines and they expect the teachers to cover countless information and the kids to learn the material by a certain date. For example, the district expects the teacher to spend 45 minutes in each section, when those activities can be cover in half the time. I cannot imagine the kids going over the same thing for forty-five minutes, these are six year old kids, not high school students. Following the districts’ guidelines is challenging for the teachers because not all the kids learn at the same time, some absorb the material better than
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