Personal Narrative: An Interview With Dr. Watson

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On 8/25/16 I met Etwan Wilson and his Mother Ms. Edwards at the office of Neuropsychologist Dr. Dennis. Ms. Edwards said that Etwan has the following symptoms. He is anxious, restless, swearing, clings to mother, moody, and fixates on things. He is nervous riding in a car. He is eating a lot and not sleeping as much as he has before. He continues to take Ritalin, Catapress and Depakote. Dr. Dennis would like Etwan to be seen by Dr. Pelshaw pediatric PMR. She would also like Etwan to have homebound schooling. Dr. Dennis asked that I obtain the forms and she would fill them out for this program. She would also like Etwan to have home counseling to work on the acting out and start behavioral therapy. Dr. Dennis recommends Carrie Miller to come
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