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The big day for me had arrived where I would receive my diploma and graduate. Knowing that I worked very hard, I was excited for this day when I would finally finish school and be able to find a job. I won’t need to write any more essays and just get a job and go to work everyday. During the ceremony, they called my name, and I walked onto the stage, to receive my diploma. That’s when I woke up and realized I’m only 14 and have only 4 more years to apply for college. After groaning, I noticed that my grades are ok but not strong enough to get into college. I’m still on a long journey that I have to take to get accepted into University of Washington. Although I don’t possess the grades to make it in, and although I waste a bunch of time procrastinating …show more content…

The school had a special day where you would go to the counselor’s office and discuss your future. One of the questions was what college do I plan to go to.
“I didn’t know what university I would like to …show more content…

Getting into UW won’t be easy. Did you know that out of the 31,611 people who applied for the University of Washington, only 6361 were accepted into the university for the freshman class? There are also some very competitive majors that many other people want to major in. Some examples are computer science, and engineering. The premedical classes are also popular. The medical classes are always filled to capacity because of the strong demand. I do not know what I will major in yet, but I will decide soon. In the Odyssey, the Cyclopes were one of the biggest obstacles Odysseus had to face. The Cyclops in my life is the SATs. SATs, are pretty difficult if you don’t try your hardest, determine whether you go to a good college or not, are not easy to do. If you try your best, and put the time into studying, you should be fine. In the Odyssey, the lotus-eaters were people who ate the lotus flower, which would make the consumer forget about what their goal was. The lotus-eaters in my life are my friends. They help me sometimes, but they can also drag me away from doing my work, so I can’t let that happen. Once I take the SATs and hopefully get a good score, I can then send out my college applications during my junior year, and hopefully get accepted into a university. Another person in the Odyssey who helped Odysseus was Eurylochus. Eurylochus always tried to get Odysseus out of being really stubborn and later bragging

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