Personal Narrative: Applying To A Public School

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I unpack my clothes placing them into the draws on my side of the room. My roommate still hadn't shown up. It's a shame because my step mum wanted to see the guy that would be rooming with me . I could see traces of him from stuff he left in the room from last school term. It probably didn't help my step mum's nerves seeing the empty box of condoms laying on the floor. She nearly then and there pulled the plug on the operation, but knew she couldn't . She was already stressed as it is having to move the whole family to New York just to get better treatment for my dad who is suffering with stage one of cancer. Leaving me in another state didn't set right with her.Applying to a public school wasn't an option though because it wouldn't be the safest environment for me to live with them. We didn't have time to change schools so this was plan B. Turn Parker into a boy and make her attend an all boy boarding school was a go. It wasn't that hard since I dressed and act like one from the begin.Though the idea of leaving two teens spilling with hormones together was appalling,she didn't have an option. It wasn't as if I showed her I had any remote interest in boys. Still as she left I swear I saw a tear…show more content…
That's it I am done. Right that moment the most beautiful guy I have ever seen walks in the door. I stare mindlessly at him. He jerk his head to move his hair. The blonde threads falls perfectly , weaving into to curls that frame his tanned face. His nose straight and aquiline and his lips so plump and pink . He stares intensely at me with his beautiful emerald eyes which are framed by his long, dark lashes. His jaw so chiseled and strong with great structure. There's a hint of stubble on his face making him even more luring. My heart spends up beating faster and faster each second. Never have I ever had this feeling in my life to a
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