Personal Narrative: Ash Wood

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My wand is has Ash wood with Unicorn hair. It is firm and fourteen inches. The wood I choose to enhance my wand with is Hazel. I personally think that Hazel would be an excellent fit for me. This is, because like the wand, I'm very loyal. I am also extremely sensitive. It is not uncommon for me to cry. For example, if I'm told something disappointing, I'll probably cry. If someone yells at me, I'll burst into tears.
My wand body is Ash and I find that it fits me slightly well. I'm pretty stubborn, and most of the time, if my mind is made up, most of the time, no one can change it. I'm however, not very brave. I will run away at the slightest danger and refuse to even be near a spider. Actually I will scream and run away at danger, bugs, or
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