Personal Narrative-Back Into The Classroom

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_”Well I guess if you're going to be involved in the school Orchestra you won't really need to worry about taking any performing arts subjects after all then :) It's good to see that you're going to be mentoring other kids I think you'll grow in wisdom in it and the other kids will really benefit from you as well. Your teacher is right you are going to be very busy with school!”_

My dad said Miss has cleverly taken with one hand and given with the other, dropped music and introduced the Orchestra, dropped drama and insisted I take part in the school play at Christmas, she said to me one day that she would not be interested in resistive materials either, it would be better to split the class so the boys do resistive materials and the girls
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I think you might see something positive come out of it hopefully, especially if Alice has gone from criticizing to questioning it shows that there's possibly a change of heart going on which is what it’s about really, it’s not people’s minds that needs changing the most really, it’s their hearts, and that’s what coming to God is all about. I never really knew what it meant to ask Jesus into your heart as a kid, but I completely understand it now, accepting God into your life is all about a transformation of…show more content…
I can’t fight Love with hate anymore; I had a glimpse of Love, now love haunts me.
I want to hang around with the enemy, because the enemy loves me.
Dad I am being taught about God by my friends, I don’t want them to teach me, I would like you too.
Dad pleas may I go to church on Sundays with your blessing? If you say no, I won’t love you less, but I will be left in need.

I realise I have used 'I' like it’s all about me, I just needed to say how I feel and get it all out. I know I should do more to help around the house and I intend to help mom more from now on, I will get Selina and Matt ready for school in September and help mom around the house more, I won’t sit while mom is working because someone said I should be her closest ally not her criticiser, I don’t know if I will keep this up, but I know I want to, can you help me do this Mom and Dad?

I want you both to know I will not be debating against the Christian and Muslim kids in school next year, I am going to learn the keyboard instead, Sarah Clark ‘the girl who helped me with my history coursework’ is giving me lessons and we are going to start a school musical group, Miss Thomas has told Sarah she wants her to do that as part of her social payback time, she is really nice mom, she isn’t like the other girls, she isn’t like me
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