Personal Narrative: Back To Illness

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I am a healer and a master dowser. One time, because of allergies, I was dowsing lists of foods to find out what was the best to eat and what to avoid. So I had charts spread out all over the place. In the middle of that, my mother called to tell me, that my Aunt Barbara was in the hospital and was completely catatonic. She had gone from living alone, paying her bills and even cleaning her own swimming pool, to completely unresponsive. They thought she'd had a stroke but the tests were negative. After seven weeks of tests she was still the same, and they didn't have a diagnosis. My mother asked me if I could. “Check in” with spirit and find out what was going on. Using my healing charts, the pendulum went to the forehead…show more content…
Mom then proceeded to tell me about my aunts condition. While she was talking, I noticed my right hand had gone way across the table to my right, and was hovering over another paper. I pulled my arm back and asked the question. “Is there anything here that will help her.” My mother kept talking “She's in there, I asked her who came to visit today and about 4 minutes later she said. “Arlow” You think she's not there, but then sometimes, she answers a one word response 3 or 4 minutes…show more content…
The next time I asked the question of what to give her, I noticed that my arm involuntarily moved all the way across the table, very purposefully. So I looked to see what was under the pendulum. “Walnut oil.” as soon as I read it, my arm moved across me and over to a chart to my left that said. “Take NOW!” Then it moved all the way back to the right to the Walnut oil. I watched in amazement as my arm repeated moved back and forth across the table crossing a good 4 feet between them. Walnut oil, Take NOW, Walnut oil, Take NOW!” The message was unmistakable!

I told my mother about it and she asked “How much?” When I dowsed it, the prescription was 1/4 of a teaspoon 3 times a day. Now this doesn't sound like enough to do anything! But my mom believes in my divine connection, so she ran to town and purchased walnut oil, took it to the care facility my aunt was in and gave it to her.

She asked how long before they would see a difference in her. I said, about a
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