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The current me right now is just your average high school male, but if for the sake of contempt, you were to compose a story with me in the lead role it would certainly be quite a tragic one. If you were to compare the current me to the plump elementary brat many years ago, obviously I’ve transformed due to the replacement of cells and puberty, but that would be a physical change. However, if you were to contrast my former and current mental state, it would be extraordinarily disparate. If I remember correctly, my former personality along with the mental state was more extroverted in a way. I was neither the so- called popular kids nor the disliked loner, just the average majority. Let’s just say I was more naive perhaps more gullible along with a dash of spoiledness. Now imagine that one kid that always says or questions everything on his mind without thinking first; there you go that was me. That mindset has caused me more trouble than good, so that’s when I learned to think first before doing anything and never act based on emotions. …show more content…

I began to contemplate more about life, the morals, all that stuff due to experiences with people. Right now, I would like you to remember what it was like going through puberty; the pointless infatuations while your hormones are haywire along with a vulnerable mentality and gullible heart in the emotional sense. I would say I was an insecure emotional wreck - no I did not cry and whine about everything, but the point is I was like a pure embryo steadily being tainted by impurities. As time passed, I’ve become more mature, logical, and aloof. This possibly happened due to two possibilities: One reason my mental state always changes was because of another person usually a female, or two I never stay with the same group of friends and end up always moving to the

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