Personal Narrative: Beat Up By Teen Adult Girls

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All I could see was fists coming towards my face. I get beat up by teen aged girls. They pick on me, they take stuff from me, and they make me spill my lunch, but that’s not all. It’s just too much that I can’t explain.
One day I was walking down the hallway and the girls came to me, they took my backpack and dumped everything out of it. I started yelling “leave me alone”. One girl said “shut up you ugly dog”. I didn’t say nothing else. I picked up my stuff and went to class.
After class that day I went home and did my homework. Night fell and I went to sleep early. I woke up and got ready for school. When I got to school I was on my way to my locker. While I was walking people was looking at me and laughing. I looked at my clothes and there was nothing wrong with my clothes. Then one girl came up to me and showed me an embarrassing picture of me someone
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I said I’m just tired. I had to think hard about killing myself. It just got worst that same day. I went to the bathroom and started crying. One of the girls that beat me up came in and heard me crying. She said, “what’s wrong”, I said, “ you and your friends.” She just looked at me like she felt sorry for me. I told her about killing myself , she said “no don’t do that.” I said ,” it’s too late now.” She ran out yelling. I knew she was going to tell someone so I tried to hurry to get home. When I got home my mom asked why I was running I said, “trying to make it to the bathroom. She said ,“Okay”. I went to my room and got the pills that was on my dresser. I took 5 of them they were big and hard to swallow. A couple minutes later I started feeling dizzy and I passed out. After I passed out my mom hears a knock on the door. It was girls. They were yelling, “ where your daughter.” My mom said, “in her room.” They ran to my room to find me on the floor passed out. They called 911, when the ambulance arrived they took me to the
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