Personal Narrative: Becoming A Failure

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As memories race through my head each day I realize how I have failed. Not in academics. Not within relationships or at shaping my own character. I failed at living my childhood the best I could. My brain pushed worry of the future to the front of the line, not allowing me to simply enjoy the swings at the park. Instead, I felt I had to worry what other kids and moms were thinking of me when I thought they saw a kid “too old” to play; a thought solely based on my height, weird hairstyles, and odd clothing choices. I stopped trick or treating. I was 9. I’m too tall, I’m too old for this, this is so embarrassing, I thought. Halloween was no longer an easy-going day. I felt eyes on me from the owners of houses handing out candy and small plastic toys. Instead, I resorted to watching scary movies at home in a cold basement waiting for children to come to my own door in search of candy. No children caused the porch…show more content…
With time to reflect I’ve realized a failure is not necessarily the end; one can always turn a failure into a learning experience. I understand now the importance of both seriousness and fun in life; the simultaneous importance of self-gratification and of the hard work needed to get there. The most important thing for me to realize was when to put such concepts to use. I now know I can have fun, even if I define it differently than others. I recognize the importance of what I am doing as an individual and how my actions now will aid me in the future. Growing up, to me, means accepting blame and changing to learn from it. I accept the self-given blame for not trick-or-treating and not believing in a toy-giving man with a beard and continue to learn from these experiences that there is a time to be serious and a time to let go. With more being expected of me as years pass, I continue to apply the idea of failure leading to success as I know a failure is not the end, but just the
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