Personal Narrative: Becoming A Runner

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Becoming a runner
When I was 5 years old I had a surgery to treat my scoliosis. My legs were affected by the surgery and I was forced to learn how to walk again. After being released from the hospital I still had little mobility of my legs. I sometimes looked outside my living room window and watch all the children in my neighborhood running freely, I told myself one day I would be running freely too.
It was the end of freshman year, we had received a paper that listed all the upcoming sports for sophomore year. I had always loved sports, I considered joining a couple in past like soccer or volleyball but due to my scoliosis my parents prohibited me from joining any sport that required physical contact. My friend and I skimmed threw the list of all the sports, a painful reminder of everything I couldn’t join.
“Why do you think of cross country?” asked daisy.
“I’ve heard about it, some of the girls were talking about it during class I think it’s were you run” I replied.
“We should join” she said.
“Really running” I asked.
“Sure why not, we
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It was probably the only sport that didn’t involve harsh physical contact. It was two weeks after school had ended, and my first day of cross country camp. My Friend daisy and I were very excited. I had just bought a pair of blue Nike shoes and felt ready to begin my cross county journey. The workout for the day was a 15 minute run, nothing that seemed out of this world. Very soon into the run I realized I was horribly mistaken in thinking this was going to be an easy sport. We were hardly into 5 minutes of the workout and I was already exhausted my hearth was tediously beating and my legs felt insanely heavy. I began to reexamine why I had join such difficult sport, I hated the pain, I hated the strong breathing, and I hated the insane heat. I probably didn’t even like to run. At the end of the workout I questioned if I should even continue
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