Personal Narrative: Becoming Myself

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Becoming Myself Whenever I turned 18 I really wanted to get my ears pierced, again. I already had two lobe piercings and one upper cartilage earring, abut my cartilage earring had been done wrong, so for the last three years it was always hurting when I wore an earring in it. I talked to mom about how I wanted my ears pierced again and she didn’t like the idea, she said it was trashy, and tacky. I didn’t care, I still wanted them done again, but done properly by a licensed piercer at a tattoo parlor. I was still in high school and they had rules on how many piercings you could have, and I had softball so I couldn’t wear earrings then either, so I waited. I worked hard for my money, I worked at least 18 hours a week and I made pretty good…show more content…
A couple months after that, a week before I leave to move to college. I decided that I wanted two upper cartilage rings, and a third set of earrings. I get my two best friends, Kayla and Justin, and I get all my loose change I saved up from work, exchanged it for cash, and then to Beebe we went. I got my ears pierced again, it hurt a lot worse, and has taken a really long time to heal, but I loved them when I got them, and I love them now. When I got home though, I was in a lot of trouble. I got yelled at by my mom and my closest older sister. They told me I was irresponsible, and trashy, and that I wasn’t going to make it in college, that I would drop out. When they were done yelling at me, I was told to leave. I grabbed my keys ready to leave, and as I walked to the car my sister followed me, still yelling at me. I raised my fist, about to swing,when mom grabbed me and smacked me, and yelled at both of us. Finally I left and went to Kayla’s, and then Justin’s and I stayed with them for several hours. I felt like the worst child my mom has raised, which is saying a lot because my oldest two sisters did worse things then just piercing their ears. I didn’t understand why they told me that, and why my earrings were such a problem to other people. I still don’t understand. I get a lot of compliments on my earrings, and I love them, I just wish that my mom would see them as something that I love, and that is me. I have always loved earrings and jewelry, and I always
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