Personal Narrative: Being A Racial Minority In America

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traveling to have never seen a group of white women before. This discussion concerned me a bit, just as every time you travel abroad does, but I remember reflecting on the conversation after the fact. I made the realization that I had never been the racial minority ever in my life. Yet I still would not be a minority to the same degree as people of color are in our country. I, being a white female, still held privilege, the privilege of being white. This astonished me, I felt guilty for reasons unknown to me, and I felt that I had done something wrong. As I most likely had, by carrying out the micro-aggressions that we are taught at such a young age. I had not asked to be white, it was just genetics. But by being white, I held the privilege…show more content…
The program is a United Methodist based program that repairs homes for low income families that are usually living under the poverty line in the Appalachian Mountains. I have gone on this trip a total of five times and have learned a worlds worth of knowledge every time I return. The trip has shown me how important governmental aid is for our country. It is tremendously important and vital to the lives of the Appalachian people. When the coal mines were shut down, many lost their livelihood and have not been able to recover. These trips have proven to me how important it is that we have government programs in place to help people in need, and to help them get back on their feet after a major change. This also playing an important factor in the lack of education that does happen in these areas, this is just perpetuating the endless cycle of poverty and class in our…show more content…
The community is quite reserved and not very diverse when it comes to awareness of other people who are not as well off. The community is a very safe and wealthy community, but if you are looking to get a piece of the real world and how people operate within it, Edina would not be the case. Many of my friends from high school had little to no concept of money or even the thought of not getting what they wanted for their next birthday. I was not innocent to this in many ways either, but my involvement in Good Samaritan broadened my horizons. It really opened my eyes to the world around me and how the government really does have an impact on our everyday
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