Personal Narrative: Being The New Kid

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Being the new kid, in a school where it is easy to be another face in the crowd, is hard. During my first few years of high school, I didn't attend converse as I have nearly my entire life. I was enrolled in Parkway, a school in Bossier. The school was so much bigger than what I was used to and I felt overwhelmed. I was lost as to where to go the first two weeks since each class was on a different floor and hallway. My classes were so difficult, too! I was used to testing high scores, with little to no effort. There, was another story. I was average. In my honor classes, I was so behind on what I needed to know, and the teachers were going a mile per minute. Their tone of voice could make you feel stupid for even asking a single question on a difficult problem. I didn't necessarily dislike any of them, but I did have my favorite teacher.…show more content…
Chambers. He was a new teacher, straight out of college, and he somehow had the air of a cool older cousin. His class was so easy, if I had wanted to, I could have brought a blanket to his class and slept on the days I didn't have any work. But, most of the time, I would talk to him and play hangman on the board. He won most of the time. With all the stress that my other classes and home, his class was a sweet reprieve from it all. All he had to do was talk about polka music and how hard it was to find his name on a mug, that helped me relax and adjust to the faster pace of my new life. I'm sure the only reason he left a mark on my memory, was because he was the first teacher I had encountered that hadn't intimidated me so much. I can't help but be grateful, though. He taught me how to slow down, organize my thoughts, and try to think about what's happening one step at a time. I use this technique nearly every time I am faced with a difficult time in my life. Him just doing his job, helped me more than he'll ever know. I'm glad now, that I had to take education to
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