Personal Narrative : Bigger Than Basketball

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Jace Link Mrs. Weber English 6A 1 May 2017 Bigger Than Basketball For a majority of people in the world, if they were to wake up with 350 million dollars, and would be able to be fully retired by 38 years old, then they would be very content and happy with their lives. Being able to wake up every day in a big mansion, lying with your family by the poolside, not worrying about financial issues for yourself or loved ones, and lastly having the great opportunity for you and your whole family, to not work a day the rest of your lives. It is an ideal situation that approximately 99.99% of people would want. But, an outlier, challenges those astonishing odds, by using their influence and popularity, to help out and make a difference. Not…show more content…
He has influenced China and is still striving to make it a better place to this day. Secondly, Kobe Bryant has a personal charity, sharing it along with his wife, Vanessa Bryant. The “Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation” which works on “improving the life of youth and families in need, both domestically, and globally.” (KVBFF). Not only did Kobe Bryant help create this charity with his wife, but he also donates large sums of money into it. He auctions off exclusive sneakers, priced at around $20,000, and puts on events to raise money for it. Now when the charity is doing its intended purpose, they are providing money to families in need, so that they can send their kids to school, and have a roof to live under. Also, the organization encourages kids to get involved and stay active through sports. The organization does not only tender to people in the United States but also globally. Youth scholarships are also provided to the minority college students, and also provided both domestically, and globally. Kobe Bryant is one of those most influential people in the world, as he used his natural born talent to earn a generous living. Kobe, not having to give up or do anything, still helps out others through the kindness of his heart. Lastly, as Kobe Bryant has moved into retirement from the NBA, he has found a place in filmmaking. A short film titled “Dear Basketball”, executively produced by
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