Personal Narrative: Born In Ontario, Canada

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A little reminder: If you copy any of my work, I will find you and report you. And if I offend anyone, I'm sorry; I would never try to do that. This story contains: violence, smoking, and drinking. Other than that, enjoy! On May 24, 1951, a new society has been born in Ontario, Canada; Arkona. There was only dirt, water, and rocks, so the women thought that it would be a good idea to make a town there. The women worked on the architectural designs while the men worked with the construction. But one thing was strange about this society; the women overruled the men. They made laws on what men should and shouldn't do. So basically if they did anything "girly," they would be sent to prison. To this day, in 2036, it's still the same. But…show more content…
I just don't want that in me," Chris said, his voice a little hoarse. "I know, me either," Jacob sighed, and went back to cleaning more glasses. Do his parents know, since they both work at VNMS? Do they accept this? Jacob got more worried by the minutes that passes by. Soon enough, his shift was over and he had to go home. But he had another plan in mind. He grabbed his leather jacket and put it on. He gave Chris a hug, and was on his way. Once he stepped out of the bar, he pulled out a cigarette, and smoked it while he walked to his parents house. He walked up to their doorstep, threw his half-used cigarette on the ground, smashed it, and knocked on the door. After a few minutes, his dad opened it. He smiled at Jacob, but he didn't return it. He only walked right on through, seeming a little ticked off. "Do you know?" Jacob asked when he spotted his mom drinking a cup of coffee. She gave him a strange look. "Don't play dumb. Do you know about VNMS? What they're going to do to us?" "Jacob, of course we know. And we think it's best that everyone should do it," she replied, setting her cup on the counter next to her. She walked over to him, but he backed up, clearly surprised by what she had said to him. "Are you serious? I am not doing
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