Personal Narrative : Bravery Saved My Mom

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Sometimes you will be put into a situation where you will have to take a very large step, and make a big decision in your life. When that time comes and in that moment you have to be brave it is very important. Bravery can ultimately change your life. Better things can come from bravery. I had an experience where being brave was my only choice. I believe if I had experienced more occasions earlier on in life were I had to be brave I would have handled the situation better, but if I had not stepped in at that moment my life could have indeed took a turn for the worst. In turn bravery saved my mom. I’ve grown up in a divided family, spending weekends and holidays at which ever parents’ house it was time to visit. My parents are not together so it makes things kind of weird when they have a different significant other. About four years ago I used to live with my mom after my dad got sent away to prison. In the beginning everything was fine. I went to school and had friends like every sixteen year old should. After a while my mom met a guy and his name was Robert. I never liked it when my parents were dating a different person, but I felt like I at least wanted them to find happiness even if it wasn’t with each other. So when my mom asked for my blessing, I approved. At first I liked him, he was nice and helped my mom out with money and things around the house. He got along with my brother and I, would take my mom on nice dates, and buy her flowers. Then he started to change

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