Personal Narrative: Building My Own PC

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Building My Own PC Why should you as my family buy the appropriate parts to allow me to build my own gaming PC you might ask? There are a couple of reasons. The first is that it will allow me to control what specific components go into the PC, and thus tailor it to my needs. Also, building it myself gives me the ability to spend more money on the parts I need and less on the parts that I do not. However, I understand that you do not see the point in spending money on a computer as you feel that I should be spending my free time doing something more productive. But, computers are something that I am passionate about and by buying the necessary parts you are helping me express that passion into building something that I can use and enjoy for…show more content…
I can also pick my list of components and compare the price of those components on multiple websites. Which then allows them to be bought as cheap as possible from one retailer in order save on shipping costs. Furthermore, while putting together my list of parts for the computer I will look to spend more money on the graphics card, memory, CPU and solid state drive. While spending less on the cooling system, motherboard, case and power supply. That is not to say building it my self does not have downsides. Chris Hoffman explains in the article “Should You build Your Own PC”. That “even for a geek, researching the best components, price-matching, waiting for them all to arrive, and building the PC just takes longer. Warranty is a more pernicious problem. If you buy a prebuilt PC and it starts malfunctioning, you can contact the computer’s manufacturer and have them deal with it. You don’t need to worry about what’s wrong. If you build your own PC and it starts malfunctioning, you have to diagnose the problem yourself. What’s malfunctioning, the motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card, or power supply? Each component has a separate warranty through its manufacturer, so you’ll have to determine which component is malfunctioning before you can send it off for replacement.” Thankfully each component has its own
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