Personal Narrative: C4

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I wake up in my plain, old bedroom hoping it would be different but according to the government, control, we all have to have the same bedroom, house, clothes, and pretty much everything is the same. I can’t even complain about how unfair it is or my family would send me off. I honestly have no idea what be sent off is but if that happens again you never see your control again. Everyone assumes it’s death but not me, I have a feeling it’s something different. I put on my regular clothes- a gray t-shirt and black pants-with that everyone in C4 wears except for their work clothes. Then I remember what today is so I put on my Drip Ceremony outfit, a light blue dress just like the color of the lake outside my house. I glance up at the clock and…show more content…
“ I did this because, stop and think for second why are we doing this as a reminder to never have a uprising again, the only reason we would ever do that is because how unjust our society is. I think we get the message and won't rebel unless you don't stop the drip who is with me.” At first I hear nothing and know I'm going to die. Then all of a sudden I hear, “ Give up the drip! Give up the drip! Give up the drip!” It gets louder and louder and then I see my face on half of the screen on town square and President Control Rector on the other half.
The president says, “Amber you have been chosen and unable to fulfill your duties as a citizen and do not want to participate in the drip and the normally would mean getting sent off. We have decided,” He pauses and my heart races. I don't know what he’s going to say, public excision. That thought makes me want to barf, “myself and my colleagues have decided to not have a drip anymore.”
I hear everyone cheering and I feel accomplished. I come out from the little hut and see everyone running towards me and I know I didn't make the wrong decision by standing up to people who were just unfair to
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