Personal Narrative: Cancun, Mexico For Spring Break

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I was about six years old, in Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break in the Month of March. My family and I were staying at a huge resort filled with many fun things to do.We had been waiting for this family trip for months; I was excited to get out of the cold Minnesota weather and into tropical heat. We were in our hotel room getting ready for dinner with my two sisters, my mom and dad. I felt the heat all over my body, like I had been standing directly in front of the sun, So I went to open the hotel window to feel the cool breeze and to see the ocean view. As I walked to open the window my mom said “Morgan be careful, the wind is so strong if you open the hotel door, close the window because the door will slam shut; but I only thought about myself and I responded with a sassy comment, “Okay Mom.” During that moment, I opened the window to cool down. After I did I…show more content…
When I woke up my family was surrounding me and my hand was all wrapped up. Finally we left the hospital, we had a day left until we went back to Minnesota, but I didn’t enjoy it after an exhausting night.
I learned my parents advice is not just nagging and trying to control my life, it is out of love for me! Throughout growing up I realize should listen to what they say because they are trying to help make the best decisions, so I can go onto better things. Not just in this story but currently too, as we get older we think we can make choices on our own, but our parents are our go to if we need help
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