Personal Narrative: Catholic Middle School

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It was when I was 6 that I was first told, “You look good for someone of your skin color!” The moment that phrase escaped her lips, my parents stared at each other, not unsure of how to even respond. Nothing seemed abhorrent about that statement to me at the time. The woman just wanted to give me a compliment! I should feel honored that someone would consider me so beautiful. Before they could even say anything, I simply smiled at her and said thank you with my hands folded in my lap and my head held up high. With my ignorance blinding me from the harsh realities of the world, I remained cheerful about myself and my culture throughout my youth until approximately 3rd grade. In the midst of my elementary level math class, I was called for an early dismissal. The students groaned in unison, wishing they could be the one that didn't need to finish practicing their…show more content…
I began to refuse to go the temple. Dejection became my best friend as I continued on my tragic journey to Catholic middle school. Jokes related to stereotypes perpetuated by society we're the most common jokes made. I would have 'friends' who would constantly ask me why do I worship cows and beg me to eat red meat in front of them as if I was some sort of circus monkey to them, not to mention all the poor Indian accent imitations and recreated Bollywood dances.
Living in America, the feeling of not being able to belong is something I have grown accustomed to . I can never completely fit the aesthetic of Eurocentric ideals and beauty standards held in society today, and I am too Americanized to relate to any of my relatives in India. Since the age of eight I have been stuck in this limbo and it is impossible to escape. There are still days where I wish I could be 6 again and hide behind my ignorance and never face the realities of the
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