Personal Narrative: Change Happen Through Will

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Change Happens Through Will
Allow me to introduce you too two people; their names are Nani and Kai. Nani attends a private school, has loads of peer support, and is a straight-A student. She lives with both of her parents and her three siblings, she’s the oldest. She’s diligent, organized, responsible, humble, passionate, creative but above all; very loveable-not in the romantic sense, but in a friend type of way. Then there is Kai. Kai attends an underfunded High School where teachers would prefer to be at home watching Netflix than at their job, she lives with a single mother of four kids; and she is the second oldest of nine siblings. She is constantly surrounded by negative peer influences, she suffers from major depression, ADD, and has
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This prevented me from knowing what I am truly entitled too, but after certain experiences in my life; I decided that I needed to change, personally, this way I can express who I truly am, show what I am capable of, and live to my extent. First, I decided; lets change my High School schedule. In the beginning of my Sophomore year, I decided that yes I will take honor classes in subjects available, but why not go for something more advanced and diplomatic that will improve my admission values for college. So I signed up for AP US History-this class was literally a blessing and a curse: for I understood and completed everything I needed, but got overwhelmed with the amount of homework and reading, balancing out my personal and professional responsibilities; which left me in the absence of my class and a C average. At first I thought I should drop out and just do honors history; but some little nudge kept me going and made me believe that with practice and effort, I can get through this. Then I did, barely: but I did, and that’s all that matters because I could have been a cowered and opted out; but I decided; no, it’s time for a change, it's time to put myself first, to put my hardworking ideals into gear and stay determined. So, when I
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