Personal Narrative-Changing Colors

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“I told you we shouldn’t have gone to the park,” angrily yelled Rose. “Look on the flip side we found a lighter that changes colors,” coolly responded Derick. “The lighter is probably dangerous and we should throw it away.” complained Rose. “I think it might be magical,” Derick reasoned. “Derick this is crazy there is no way that the lighter is magical,” complained Rose. “We could get wishes from it if we tried to figure out how to do it,” Derick calmly explained. “Fine Derick, you can try it, but I don’t want to be around when you wish on it,” stated Rose. “Ok Rose,” Derick agreed. Derick took the lighter home with him. Derick had homework that he needed to finish before he could practice for basketball. Derick was an athletic kid…show more content…
She wished on the flame that they could go back to their own bodies. Rose turned the lighter off and started to feel a weird tingly feeling again. Before she could do anything she was standing in her bedroom. She looked into her mirror to see that if she really had returned to her body. She was holding her phone in her hand forgetting that Derick was still on the phone. “Derick you there?” asked Rose. “Yea I am here back in my own body,” replied Derick. “Good, I think we have only one wish left.” explained Rose. “We should use it wisely” replied Derick. “Yea because if me make a wish it could go horribly wrong and we wouldn’t be able to change it back” explained Rose. Derick had the perfect wish. Derick’s wish was to wish for everything to go back to normal again. “Rose I am going to wish for everything to go back to normal.” explained Derick. “That is a good idea, Derick” replied Rose. “Thanks.” said Derick. Derick wished for the everything to go back to normal. Derick looked down at his hand and saw that the lighter wasn’t there. Derick started to look around to see if he had dropped the lighter on the ground. He couldn’t find the lighter anywhere. He started to retrace his steps to make sure he didn’t drop it. Derick found out that he didn’t have the lighter
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