Personal Narrative: Changing My Life With Mental Illness

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It was getting worse. Depression had become one of the biggest and most negative parts of my life. I wondered why I was not improving until I realized something. I did not want to get better. I had lived with depression for so long that I did not know what life was like without it. It was not until my father told me about the feeling of freedom that comes from a life without depression that I was encouraged to manage my mental illness by developing positive coping skills, overcoming stigma, and learning that I am not defined by my illness. Anyone who suffers from depression develops coping skills. However, there is a large difference between the positive coping skills that allow for better management of a mental illness and the destructive coping skills that afford temporary relief but ultimately worsen the illness. Instead of talking to someone, going for a walk, or distracting myself, I turned to self-harm. I knew it was not a beneficial thing but I thought I could control it. I was wrong. My habit worsened and soon I found myself thinking of suicide. Still, I did not see how bad I was growing. It was not until I stepped back and saw the whole picture that I realized I could not continue the way I was living. I had to do something. So, I did. I started…show more content…
Often, in society, mental illnesses are seen almost as a taboo subject. This often hinders people from seeking the help they truly need. The fear of negative reactions was one of the main things that inhibited me from asking for help. When things finally reached the breaking point, I realized that other people could only assist me in my recovery. Ultimately, I had to want to get better. I knew it would not happen right away. I knew it would be difficult and I knew I would have times where I felt like nothing was changing. Ultimately, I knew I could not continue living the way I was. I knew I had to
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