Personal Narrative: Changing My Perspective

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when your perspective changes. Regardless on the topic, the event causes you to rethink your previous actions and set yourself straight. In my situation, the big event that caused me to change my perspective was a fight I had with my older sister. Growing up we never got along, mostly because we are complete opposites. Looking back majority of our fights are a blur, because they were so insignificant. However, the fight I am referencing is one I will never forget.
Coming from a family of three siblings there were bound to be disagreements, however it was the year my sister left for college that we had the one that changed us both. Like I mentioned before, our fights were over minuscule things that had
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Before she actually left, I thought I might miss her but I was not sure to what extent. It was when a month or two passed that I actually allowed myself to miss her. As crazy as it sounds, I was too stubborn to admit to myself I missed my sister I used to always argue with. I remember typing out lengthy paragraphs and sending them as text messages just describing the details in my day. It was little things like that that began to mend the fence of our relationship. Then a year passed, and I am attending the same college she is and honestly it is the best thing to happen to us. At first I purposely looked at other universities because I knew she was here. I was determined to have my own experience, however I am so relieved to have that person to go to when I need her. I have not been in college that long, however the experiences I have had and have shared with Hannah mean the world to me already. I was able to join greek life, within the same sorority as her. This was a blessing for sure, not only because our circle of friends are beginning to overlap but we share another family together. It is our home away from home. Every so often when we meet each other in that big white mansion on olympic boulevard I feel like my heart is full. Just as my mother has longed for our entire
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