Personal Narrative: Changing The Night Sky

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The last time I remember something changing the night sky in my life time was the comet Hale-bopp back in 1997. I used to sit on the porch on my townhouse and start at it with my Dad. I was only 12 then so I didn't really have the most in-depth knowledge on what a comet was, but it blew my mind into read as much as I could about space. Speaking of the nighttime sky, astronomers are predicting the sky could look a little different in 2022. Calvin College professor Larry Molnar and his students along with colleagues from Apache Point Observatory (Karen Kinemuchi) and the University of Wyoming (Henry Kobulnicky) are predicting a change to the night sky that will be visible to the naked eye. At 10:15 a.m. CST on Friday, January 6, a press briefing
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