Personal Narrative: Chemistry

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I was heading to chemistry swiftly because I hated being late to my classes. Also I really liked this class so it was worth getting early as possible. Another thing I really liked in that class was my crush. I’ve been crushing on him since 8th grade and now it’s senior year and I’m still crushing. His name is Ashton and he is on the football team. I know he’s out out of my league. Anyways, I got to my seat and I noticed my usual partner wasn’t there but the thing is he never misses a classes. I told my teacher that my partner wasn’t there and she said “You got a new partner Axel”. I was really confused and she then pointed at Ashton and said “That’s your new partner”. I felt my heart drop and then I realized we would be sitting next to each other for the rest of the year. We didn’t talk to each other but eventually he started a conversation.“So um what’s your name” Ashton said. I…show more content…
I said “you left your planner in class and I found your number in it”. He was getting happier for some reason “Oh okay then i’m glad you got it so now we can talk more”. I was full of excitement he actually wanted to talk to me. We talked for about an hour and we got to know more about each other. It was the best experience in the world and I’ve never been so happy before. We had to end the call early because He had go to sleep early. In the morning he sent me a ‘good morning’ text and I was got so happy, I can’t explain it. In class he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him because he wanted to hang out more. This day was becoming the best day ever and It felt like a dream because of what was happening. When I got home I started to get ready for the movies with Ashton. I was debating if i should look casual or look really nice, I picked somewhat nice. I got to the theatres and I find Ashton near the ticket booth. He greets me and we get our tickets, we decided to watch horror movie based on
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