Personal Narrative: Childhood Injuries

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The summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school I was at my house with my family and my friends. They live in Ohio, but we all have houses in the same neighborhood at the lake. When we are all together we ride four wheelers down to the lake, around the neighborhood, and just have fun together. One night while we were there we took three four wheelers down to the lake, and sat by the fire. When it started to get late the six of us decided to head back up to our houses. There were two of us on each four wheeler. Connor and Brayden were on one, Nick and Lauren on another, and Frankie and I on the last. Nick and Connor were driving two of the four wheelers and decided to race. Connor didn't know the road very well, missed a turn, and he wrecked. At the time I didn't know the severity of the injuries, but I tried my best to do what I could for the two boys. I used the techniques that I had learned in health class my freshman year, such as, CPR. Brayden was not unconscious so I encouraged him to keep coughing because I could see that he was choking on blood, but I was too scared to move him due to the possibility of back injuries. Later I had learned that Connor's head went into a rock wall, he was killed on impact, and there was nothing that I could have done. Brayden was severely injured and had to be air cared to Vanderbilt…show more content…
I believe that I am capable of becoming a nurse because I am extremely dedicated to putting others first, and I will do everything I can for everyone. Due to the fact that I went through this traumatic experience at such a young age, I think that it has made me empathetic and very strong emotionally. These qualities and traits that I have conceived in this, and other experiences in my life, will allow me to become a very successful
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