Personal Narrative: Christian America

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Walking through the forest, a lone owl hoots at my presence. There are thousands of creatures accompanying me in this dense wood, yet my eyes catch only this owl. The leaves crunch under my feet; the predators and the prey of the forest watch in curiosity as this strange intruder stamps across their land. I know they’re there, somewhere, yet they stay shrouded in their leafy homes. It was in that moment that I found what fascinates me the most: why am I here among these creatures? It wasn’t a feeling of alienation, rather, a lack of understanding for the purpose of our existence.
That experience brought forth many other thoughts that puzzle me to this day. It is known that the aspect of life separates our planet from everything in the universe.
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Was it a supreme being that put us here, a human puppeteer that controls all things and knows our fates? The religions that swirl in my world proclaim that this is the case. Like greedy investors at an auction, they surround my conscious, demanding that their god is the one true god. My mind wrestles with the different options as the sand drains from my life’s hourglass. In Christian America, I often hear stories of people who claim they’ve seen Jesus in their dreams, or hear those around me declare God has spoken to them in their lives in some way. However, for me as a rational person, I seem to lean towards coincidence in those scenarios rather than divinity. With that being said, I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of the supreme being. I just don’t understand at this point how the universe in all its complexity composed itself from an erratic event such as the Big Bang. From a young age, I was intrigued by these creation theories. How does an explosion lead to a society, complete with governments and cultures? How does a cell compose itself after this event, with the capacity to multiply and reproduce and expand? How did the first brains form, and with these brains, how did its chemical processes form the very first
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