Personal Narrative : Christmas Shopping When It All Happened

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P.T. I was out Christmas shopping when it all happened. I was getting some toys for my nephews and i was getting prizes for our game of bingo my family and I play every Christmas. After a long day of shopping, I had came home and wrapped all the presents when suddenly, he was standing there. This thing was human sized but was all black. It was as if it was just a black cloud floating there. Then abruptly, my whole house shook violently. I started to run to my back door but then he appeared again but this time his blackness consumed me instantly and I had fallen asleep. I woke up in a dark, cold room that seemed to be made out of metal. I had no idea what had happened before i had gotten there. I thought maybe I was in a dream, a very real dream. I had gotten up and felt a sharp pain in my chest and my leg. I looked around for a door but failed to find one. I kept looking but all I felt was just cold metal all around the room. As I was looking a loud bang and scream came from the outside. I heard it again and decided to walk toward the banging and screaming. I had gotten to the source of the sound and waited to hear it again. There was nothing. I had stood there for a solid 5 minutes but there was still nothing. I begin to walk away until suddenly i felt a hand grab ahold of my jacket and yank me through the wall. I went through the wall as if i was a ghost and fell onto a hardwood floor. Was this my house I thought, no it can’t be, how could it be. I walked around the
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